Dr Ahmed Silem

Dr Ahmed Silem is the Founder of Quranntime. He finished memorizing the entire Quran when he was 10 years old. He got blessed by amazing Shiekhs who have a great effect in his style of teaching may Allah reward all of them. He is developing and running online Quran teaching and Alhamdullah he taught lots of muslims all over the world.
He has a little different style in teaching Quran and telling more stories about the Quran, so you will find it easier to keep in mind what you memorize from Quran . Plus he is making the class relation more friendly than teacher-student relation. In that way everybody will like it to study and learn Quran.
Actually He loves to teach, his students love the class also Alhamdullah they enjoy and learn same time. we pray that Allah accept what we do and give us the faith and force to learn and teach the Quran .

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