Sheikh Sultan Hussein Ibrahim

Sheikh Sultan is our grand sheikh and the man of Qiraat and Quran. Sheikh Sultan has BA in the Recitation, Readings and Sciences of the Holy Quran, MA in Islamic Shari’a Law,
Shiekh is done also of Advanced Arabic Language Courses, Dar al Ulum,
Specialized Course in International Arbitration, Cairo University.

Recitation Ijazat and Sanad from
Sheikh and Scholar Ahmed Abdul Aziz al Zayaat. and Munificent Sheikh Mahmoud Farghali,
⦁ Ten Minor Recitations from the way of al-Shatibiyyah and al­ Durrah narrated from Sheikh and Scholar Misbah Ibrahim Mohammad Ali Waden al Dessouqi (Completion of the Holy Quran in the Ten Minor Recitation)
⦁ Recitation on the narration of Hafs on the authority of Assem from the way of al-Shatibiyyah with the middle caesura by Sheikh Sa’ad Abu Talib the Grand Recitor
Shiekh wasTutored by Professor Gamaal Abdulaziz author of “Encyclopaedia of Arabic Grammar”, in: the Encyclopaedia, and many specialized Arabic books.

Sheikh used to be a
⦁ Member in the Egyptian Waqf Recitation Schools.
⦁ Teacher of Quran Recitation and Readings in Dar al Housary and Al Azhar.
⦁ Lecturer in Preachers’ Preparation Institute, in Egypt
⦁ Revising member in the Al Azhar Correction and Reviewing Committee.



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